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A good saddle is important for your ride. Your body will adapt to the new form of motion and support, create callouses and new muscle whenever you ride.

Your saddle need the stability to be a platform for your body to adapt. Adaptation takes about 2 weeks or so and a quality saddle remains the same, long enough for your body to adapt to it. It also allows the break in to happen in pre-designed ways, which means that break in of your new saddle does not equate to break down on your new saddle.

In addition, sometimes it is not about comfort. If you are adapted to your saddle, it will be become comfortable and you will enjoy your ew saddle with the associated benefits.

This is also similar for gloves, grips, shoes, pedals, cycling shorts, jerseys, and any other point of contact with the bicycle.

An article in "European Urology" discusses the overuse injuries that can stem from long-term bicycling. The article states that, although cycling can be a healthy, beneficial sport, some injuries can occur to the urogenital system. Genitalia numbness was found to be most common, reported in 50 to 91 percent of the cyclists, followed by erectile dysfunction reported in 13 to 24 percent.

Although studies do not link bicycling with specific prostate diseases, the pressure of traditional seats can create problems for both men and women. Fortunately, there are several types of saddles that can help alleviate that pressure and prevent injury. Look for good quality split saddles, or one with a space in the area that would normally press into the perineum.

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